At Bloomium we like to take care of ours to make them feel at home.

That’s why our managing director Agustín Domingo, former professional golf player, took our mentors on June 2 to spend a different and entertaining afternoon playing golf.
The participants of this Golf Day were our mentors, Daniel Ventura, Francisco J Martinez, Homedes Guifre, Jordi Rovira Miquel Angel Perez and our founding partner Emilio Avilés.

In this meeting our mentors knew each other better and could talk about the various topics in which each of them specialize and all the projects they share with us.
Although it is an event among people from the workplace, they are meetings with a relaxed atmosphere, where more is given to leisure and fun among attendees.

At Bloomium we give importance to human value because then the complicity in the work projects is even greater.
Thanks to the success and results of these days we will hold a new event in which we will bring together our team of mentors to spend an entertaining day in another environment much more relaxed and fun.

Thank you all for attending and hope to see you at the next Bloomium Day!

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