In Bloomium we bet to apply this concept for the solution of problems or challenges of big companies

A Hackathon is a web development organization, a meeting of developers whose goal is the development of software. Participants are usually grouped and each has different projects and challenges to achieve. The goal is to complement each other’s knowledge and experience to get a better result.

There is no fixed duration but it can last from one day to one week, but they usually organize in weekends.

Most hackathons are held for defined purposes: developing software that solves specific needs, working with an operating system or a specific programming language, creating applications …


How we do Hackathons / Challenges in Bloomium?


In Bloomium we bet to apply this concept for the solution of problems or challenges of big companies. Our goal is to bring together on a weekend people of different profiles (technicians, developers, marketing, business …) mixing also employees with people from outside that bring fresh ideas not contaminated by the business environment.

Once the groups are created, the idea or problem would be launched and the whole weekend would be worked out in different phases to develop the idea.

The first day, Friday, would start with a meeting where people would meet and have the first contact. For this, an activity is organized in which the participants who have ideas will be exposed in 1 minute and then the teams will be formed according to the interest of each one. The activities are oriented to show people skills and personality so everyone can find for their perfect fit

On the second day, the mentors will help the teams, mentoring each of them in the problems that arise during the development of the idea, finding the value proposition, product development, market…

On the last day teams will polish the details and will present their project in front of the other teams and experts for a maximum time of 5 minutes.

The outcome of this activity for companies is finding new ways to solve problems or challenges, recruit new talent for the organization or even media exposure. Of all the process the main advantages that are obtained are: fresh ideas, search of talent, notoriety in the sector …


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