BrickFunding is a modality of crowdfunding in the real estate sector


To talk about Brickfunding we must understand before what is Crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a project to be financed collectively.

The user who invests in this project obtains benefits that tends to be associated with the development of the project.

This system allows to be you the only who decides where to invest, more ideas more business opportunities, more cultural, economic and social diversity.

How does crowdfunding work? It consists on different phases:

  1. The entrepreneur sends the idea or project online to be a candidate for financing. The submission should include specific information: project description, how much money is needed, how much time to collect, pre-money valuation…
  2. Project Valuation: The platform values the project’s interest and performs a light due diligence to validate the viability of the project.
  3. Publication in the platform during the time that has been decided, normally between 30 and 45 days, likewise that time will be the one that has the people to invest.
  4. At the end of the investment period or reach the expected money, the project closes.


What are the advantages of crowdfunding?

For entrepreneurs is a way to receive funding, the fact to contribute small amounts of capital, is increasing the number of potential investors. For investors, it allows them to diversify, they can invest small amounts in several projects when previously they had to invest bigger tickets diminishing the number of projects of its portfolio.


Let’s talk about Brickfunding…

BrickFunding is a modality of crowdfunding in the real estate sector, facilitates the investment in real estate by being able to do so with small capital contributions as well as information and transparency towards the investor so that he can make their decision better. This form of investment allows diversification of investors with capital sums that are not too high. Instead of investing € 300,000 in a single project, you can if you prefer to invest € 30,000 in 10 projects diversifying into area, rent or sale, premises or housing …

This method has a search with geographic display of locations to filter and select the best offers according to various filters: profitability, city, type of property, years of permanence, minimum investment, risk profile … Accessible to more people and make it easier and more attractive to invest in the brick.

The process for the investor is simple, just enter the type of investment you are looking for, the type of property, the city in which you are looking for the investment and in a click you get the list of projects with the specified characteristics.

Another of the values of Brickfunding is that as for every project a new company is created, benefits from tax exemptions, has a 30% bonus of the IRPF unlike whether the operation is made by a private individual or a company.

Brickfunding has achieved a new way of investing in brick, which has made this sector active and with more opportunities for all.


So, if you are not in Brickfunding and you are an investor it’s time to go in!

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