Call for Entrepreneurs is a Bloomium initiative that consists in presenting new projects to get real business.

Bloomium is a business initiative, started almost half a year ago, that tries to capture ideas or projects to turn them into sustainable businesses, make them successful.

Call for Entrepreneurs are events organized in Barcelona by Bloomium, in which innovative technology-based projects are presented in front of a committee formed by the partners and management of Bloomium, mentors and potential customers. These projects are from individuals who have an idea and look for some kind of help to develop or improve it. The main objective of the event is to connect ideas or projects with the necessary resources to develop them and that these continue to grow without worrying about certain barriers that may arise in their daily activity.

There were four participating projects, the first was Esmasshopping, the second Epinium, the third Engidi, and, finally, the edition was closed by the international startup Carto. All four projects were evaluated and considered by the Entrepreneurship Committee of Bloomium, and also had the opportunity to have a meeting with potential investors or customers in the afternoon. The Entrepreneurship Committee of Bloomium was formed by the managing director of Bloomium, Agustín Domingo, the founding partner Emilio Avilés, and two mentors, Miquel Angel Perez and Rafael Granados.

The services that Bloomium can offer in case a certain project is selected are the following:


  • Validation
  • Minimum Valuable Product (MVP)
  • Work space
  • Equipment
  • Financial resources
  • Legal support
  • Training
  • Customer Service
  • Technical development

Now, the Bloomium committee has to analyze the presented projects, study their feasibility, and decide the ones that can be helped and how.

The companies and projects that are interested in participating can contact through the website and will be attended directly by the director of Bloomium.


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